Lightroom and Geotagging

Bought myself a cheapish Sony GPS CS3 yesterday to geotag my photos. Not as easy as using the Nikon GP-1, but more than half the price. 🙂 To get it working with Lightroom, i need to download the logfile from the gps unit first and open it in textedit to strip out CS3 from the sony header. It then needs converting into GPX XML with gpsbabel (on Mac OSX), so that the geotagging plugin from jeffrey friedl can read the logfile. but then it works fine. Just select inject gps shadow data on export and the exported files have got the gps information in the exif data. sweet…..

Even works for exporting to flickr. Did 3 quick photos and exported them to flickr and they showed up with the place where the photo was taken. just what i want. just need to automate the logfile conversion now. good thing is gpsbabel can be used on the command line, so a small script that copies the log file, strips out part of the header and saves it to the harddrive shouldnt be so difficult.  Well thats something to do for next week.