New Printer. :-)

Finally got myself a new printer. Its an HP Photosmart Pro B8800. not the cheapest but is has some nice features.

Its a beast, around 19kg heavy and big. looks like the daddy of the smaller HP printers.

Hp Photosmart Pro B8800

Hp Photosmart Pro B8800

And i ordered 3 sets of paper test packs. One from MOAB, one from Hahnemuehle and one from Tecco. Next thing os going to test the different papers. Allready downloaded the ICC profiles for all of them so i can fine tune the prints. Just wondering ow some of my black and white prints look on canvas. The printer has two black inks (photo black and matte black) and one light grey ink. More on the paper tests in the next few days.

Printer Specs